Hacking Facebook Password with the help of free hacker tools for everyone

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    If you are currently here it is because you are looking for a way to hack the password of a Facebook account. How can we get a forgotten Facebook password or someone else's Facebook password, here is the answer using free Facebook hack password tools with ease. Hacking Facebook password is easy and fast if you have the right password hacker tools and tutorial like the one on this article.

    Facebook passwords cracker like Smart Key Firefox Password Recovery 5.0 are tools for recovering and hacking into Firefox Web Browser saved password ,excepting Facebook user accounts password but any other web sites saved password. With such kink of password hacking and cracking techniques, you can quickly get hack your Facebook password.

    You cannot hack or crack Facebook password by a click of a button. That is completely no possible and if you find such kind of tools on the internet then please dont waste your time by looking at them! They are all fake. Ok now let me tell you how to hack Facebook account.

    Top 4 Basic Free Facebook Hack Password Tools For Free

    1.Social Engineering
    3.Reverting Password / Password Recovery Through Primary Email
    4.Facebook Phishing Page/ Software

    Now let me explain each of these one by one in brief.

    Social Engineering

    This could possibly be the simplest ways of hacking Facebook password, for those who are good at human manipulation and extracting information out of a conversion between you and your victim then this is the best trick for you. Go to Facebook official site and check out exactly information you need to extract from your victim in the conversion. The most basic things would include Birthday and Secret Question. Drag the conversation for a while. Make yourself look trust able and then extract one by one slowly


    Keylogging has always been my favorite. This is the most stealthy and easiest way to crack Facebook password. Once your keylogger has been injected it is up to the program to get the passwords that are entered on a computer. The tricky part of keylogging is "How to inject a Keylogger".But you can always use email attachments or even use something like "Money.exe" as your keylogger.

    Password Reverting through Primary Email

    If you have access to your victim's primary email then you can use facebook "ecover password" form to easily send the password to your victim's primary email. If you dont know your victim's primary email and dont have access to it. Then I would suggest this way to hack Facebook password.

    Facebook Phishing Page/ Phishing software

    This is the most popular way of hacking Facebook account password. I dont recommend Facebook Phishing pages anymore as people are not that dumb these days to fall for this trick. Apart from Phishing pages, you can also try Phishing software which are quite convincing and a lot of people fall for this trick.

    Hacking Facebook Password with these how to hack Facebook account experience is totally free. If you know any other knowledge about Facebook hack password, pls post them on the comment



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