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    Hi, In this post I will take a quick look at 2012 google search rankings.

    I feel that it is getting more difficult to rank highly in the serp's these days. With all the updates you now need a site with good quality content. However I believe it is a step in the right direction. Everyone gets frustrated with spam and we all want to get quality info in the subject matter we are interested in.

    So to get high in the serps ie - pg 1 between 1 and 10 you need to follow a certain process.

    1. A good site is vital - these can be constructed within wordpress or a free html editor such as kompozer - using templates within the latter.
    2. A minimum of 10 articles - 500 words each
    3. Do - follow backlinks (you dont need that many to out gun an average site)
    4. A decent keyphrase to start with in the right part of the market. There is no point competing with big corps in this aspect.

    I hope you enjoyed the opening of this thread as it will have given you more real info than many 20 minute (get rich quick) videos that you may have seen.

    Kind regards


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