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    Hello everyone.

    Well, First of all, you’d need an idea of what you want to write about? Ask yourself… what’s your website about

    -Register in forums, take a look at what people are asking and use your keyword research.

    -Write down a list of 10-15 topics on your niche market

    I’ll use the REAL STATE MARKET as an example:
    -mobile homes
    -manufactured homes
    - Auctions
    -Geographic hot spots… etc

    - For EACH topic, write down 8-10 questions/problems..

    - If you can’t find any questions or problems, you can always go back to the forums and use the search tool

    - you can also use article directories, see what other people write about. Read, get the information and use it as inspiration!!!!

    Now you can start writing your article

    The most effective way to write an article is to break it down in three section:
    The Title, The Content and the resource box

    -Try to write your title from the keyword list.

    -Always begin your title with you best keyword. Search Engines like it! :p

    - Remember, you are writing this article to convince the reader you have the solution to his/her specific question/problem… so if it’s a rich keyword content title, that’s a big win!


    -Very important!... the content MUST follow what you’ve promised in the title

    -Use small paragraphs with visible breaks!!! It’s just easier on the eye for the reader

    - 300 words is enough for your article… doesn’t need to be too long

    - Try not repeating the same keywords too often…. Watch your Keyword Density

    - Be careful, don’t be accused of Keyword Spamming (excessive use of Keywords to appeal Search Engines) Use your keywords 2 or 3 times every 100 words

    - The Resource box is the last section of the article that allows readers to link back to your site.

    - THE PURPOSE of the article was to get readers to click to you!!!!

    - Don’t just type your website address!!!! Tell the reader what to do!!... Give them a call to click now and take action on the methods you have discussed in your article… Click Here for more information, Solve Your Problem Now.!!

    Hope This helps :)…..

    Andres Barrera
    honest and business
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    Thankyou i found this very helpful

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