Free websites, why join?

Discussion in 'Articles & Tutorials' started by Merk_sfi, Jul 9, 2011.

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    So there is something that has always annoyed me, and I don't know if it's me and I am being stuck uppish or whether it is something others think about as well - and that is Free Websites.

    You know the ones I am talking about, the ones that have the free domain (or the subdomain), the one's that use free forum software, use the free modifications, use a slightly (and sometimes not even that) modified default style.

    It has always been a policy of mine not to sign up to register and post on forums that use free software, on a free host, on a free domain. It has always plagued my mind that while I am there spending hours of my time posting on this guys (or girls) forum, earning them money through adsense (as everyone needs to put 10 0000 ads on their website) that they are busy spending the money on a new playstation game, buying app's for their iphones, or just out wasting it rather than investing it into their website.

    From day-dot my belief has been if your members donate, and/or spend money on your site, or go through and earn you money through your advertising that it should go back into your community.

    There have been plenty of times I broke my own rule and signed up on a website, tried to help them out by donating, or spending a day posting on their website to increase their overall post count, only to go back a week later and see the site gone. Or the owner has had a new idea and changed what the site is about.

    To me if you don't have the money to get a real domain, or real hosting then I will not sign up.

    I can understand, especially at some of their prices, why people don't have paid for software however a real domain costs anywhere from $1.99 (Namecheap by liking their Facebook page) and hosting is about the same.

    But if you aren't willing to spend $2 - $4 on your site then I am not willing to spend my time posting.

    So here are some ways people who don't have the money can earn the money to get it and not look so cheap.

    1. Offer to post on other people's websites in return for the money, or if you don't have PayPal, in return for them purchasing the domain for you.

    2. Ask mummy and daddy.

    3. Use your government benefit - it's only a couple dollars.

    4. Offer to create graphics in return for cash or the purchase of domain/hosting.

    5. Keep an eye on things like Business Advice Forum/Forum Promotion for newly opened sites, or sites running competitions that include free domains, free hosting, cash prizes etc.

    6. Go without the latest technology gadget that mummy and daddy have brought you and ask them to buy this domain and hosting instead.

    Please people start taking pride in your work, in your communities and your forums. I have always seen it that your forums you put your name to and so it is a branch of you, if you don't care for it you don't care for yourself.

    Show pride in your community give it the love it deserves and spend some money on it, even if it is just a couple dollars.

    There are always people out there willing to help you get off the ground, there are always people out there willing to pay to have you post on their sites or to create graphics for them.
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    For a while I worked as a web-designer, and I had plenty of clients, that wanted a website just to make money. They're not really into your category, as they invest some money into creating the website, but my point is that their hunger for profit, overtake their care for community. His goal is not to have hundred or thousands of users as long as they earn any money. That's why we see websites, with a few visitors (mainly search engines BOTs) but full of Adsense ads.

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