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    Hello All,

    I found this book on Amazon and it’s free for only few days. I thought the entrepreneurs in this forum would like to have such book. The book name is “Startup from the Ground Up, Practical Insights for how to transform an idea into a business”.

    “STARTUP FROM THE GROUND UP” by CYNTHIA KOCIALSKI explores why an entrepreneur can only go so far with just an idea. New businesses don’t fail because companies are unable to build a product or offer a service; they fail because the business factors needed to bring that product into the market are either neglected or ignored.

    In this book, you’ll learn
    • Why it’s not enough just to have a great product
    • Why it is so important to start marketing your product as early as possible, and how to interact better with customers
    • How to engage with customers and get customers talk with you
    • How to build a team and keep them, and why a team is more than founders and employees
    • If you seek outside funding, what investors will be looking for and how to entice them

    This book is FREE on AMAZON only for 5 days (Oct 6-10, 2012) so get your chance and download it at Amazon

    Please give this book nice review and let us know in this post what you think about the book.

    Thanks! :)

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