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    Admin Edit: I'd like to clarify that these rules are posted by LordRoco as an example of forum rules, they are not the rules of this forum. Our forum rules can be found here.

    Forum rules and regulations

    1. Post content

    • 1 a.Offensive and illegal material: Offensive and illegal material should not be posted. Please maintain all your discussions to PG-13 guidelines. This is to facilitate users across all age groups.

    • 1 b. Preaching: Please donot preach a specific religion or your own beliefs to other members both within the forums. While we do allow threads based on discussion on religious affairs, we wish to remind that these will be given extra attention by staff members.

    • 1 c. Drug and medical advice: Advices regarding drugs and medical conditions are not to be shared over the internet. If you believe that you have a disease which must be taken care of, we highly suggest you see a qualified medical practitioner.

    2. Behaviour

    • 2 a. Profanity: Please do keep in mind that our users are not restricted to adult players, but often include young players starting at an age as young as 12. The usage of profanity or any other forms of vulgar and crude language is strictly prohibited.

    • 2 b. Derailments: Kindly donot attempt to derail threads. Derailment refers but is not limited to flamebaiting, trolling and attempted spamming.

    • 2 c. Defamation: All users, regardless of their time spent on this site or any other site are to be treated equal. There is no unfair advantage for members who have been here for a longer period when compared to anyone else. New player or not, we ask you to respect the player behind the screen.

    3. Signature, avatar and graphics

    • 3 a. Size: The maximum permitted size for avatars are 160X190 pixels. For signatures, the size limitations has been scaled to 500X190 pixels.

    • 3 b. Animated images: Animated images may not be used as signatures or avatars. Animated images often tend to distract players and hence must be avoided.

    • 3 c. PG Rating: All images, whatsoever, must be PG -13 rated.

    4. Staff action

    • 4 a.Respect: All our staff members are players who dedicate their free time for the betterment of this forum. As such, they all are humans and have a life outside their forum fantasies. We kindly ask you to respect them as well as appreciate them for their good will.

    • 4 b. Protests, appeals and access: Staff members deserve the right to revoke access to a particular player/character if situations/actions demand. Keep protests to the minimum and feel free to appeal to an administrator through the appropriate form.

      Form: Contact Administration

    • 4 c. Staff rights: Our staff reserves the right to edit/delete any posts that they deem inappropriate for whatever reasons. Action if required, are taken only on a case by case basis considering the nature and severity of the violation and can extend to anything in between a friendly note to a formal ban.

    * The staff reserves the right to alter these rules and regulations at anytime. If changed, they will be announced using the forums.

    Please note that this is something I have written myself for my own forum. However, I have decided to post this set of rules here(even before posting on my forum) so anyone, who are preparing to write rules and requires some pointers can utilize it. It is reproducible with permission and my name need not be mentioned.
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    This forum rules and regulation are post Lord Roco by. I agree with. I also appreciate it Thanks.

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