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    Q: I need find computer password! Does anyone help me find password on computer? What should I do to find my password on my computer now?

    A: Well, there are ways on how to find a computer password if you forgot computer password! Look at the two different situations:

    1. The data on computer is not important for you!
    You buy a new computer or old second-hand computer, but there is still a password asked to input. In this case, you have to get your installation CD to help you without worry about losing data on your computer! View steps on find computer password Vista with installation disk:
    A, Get out your Windows Vista installation disk, insert it into CD-Driver, and then restart computer to enter BIOS settings;
    B, Set CD drive as the Boot Device Priority to boot computer by choosing CD-ROM Drive with the highlighted cursor; and then press any key to boot computer from CD once boot prompt displays;
    C, Click “Next” in the Language Selection interface and click “Repair your Computer” and then “Command Prompt” when the installation interface appears. Input the following commands one by one:

    copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\ (Assumed your Windows Vista is installed in C drive. This is to copy the command prompts to D drive)
    del c:\window\system32\osk.exe (delete the screen-keyboard program in “Easily Visit” component)
    rename d:\cmd.exe osk.exe (Change the name of command prompts into the name of the screen-keyboard program)
    copy d:\osk.exe c:\windows\system32 (Copy the renamed command prompts to the OS directory)

    Tips: If the Vista installation disk is not available, you may alternatively boot the computer through DOS, load NTFSDPS (read only version), and enter “c:\windows\system32” to do the above operations.
    D, Reboot the computer and output the disk. On the login interface, click “Easily Visit” icon on the bottom left corner, and click “Confirm” to boot computer with command prompt.

    2. Hope to keep your precious pictures, music, and etc. materials on your laptop computer!

    At this situation, you can find password for computer with professional Windows password recovery software swiftly and safely.
    Among various Windows password recovery software tools, Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery always stands out with its easy-to-use public praise and good custom service. You can choose its different version as your needs for Windows 7/Vista/XP/NT/Server 2003, 2008. The following is how to find forgotten computer password:
    A, Download and install your right Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery version in any accessible computer from its official website
    B, Run the program installed, insert your CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive to the driver and burn a ISO image file to CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive
    C. Insert the burned CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive to the locked computer and then start computer by press “F2”, “F10”, or “Delete” to enter BIOS setting.
    D, On the Boot menu, choose Boot Device Priority and select the right Boot Device type boot. Save your settings with “F10”.
    E, Get password from computer with CD/DVD/USB Flash Drive quickly.

    As most of us find computer password for administrator account, that is maybe the default admin account. Then things will be hard to get password on computer. So, to take Windows Password Recovery Basic/Enhance/Corporation to find a computer password is an excellent choice!


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