Feedback on automatic captioning and voiceover software.

Discussion in 'Website & Graphic Reviews' started by Aaron-John, Mar 15, 2020.

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    Mar 15, 2020
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    Hi Everyone, I built a desktop application called Maestra that enables you to transcribe, subtitle, and voiceover video and audio files automatically.

    The software consists of:

    Transcription: Here you can automatically turn your videos to text, and exportable formats include .pdf and .docx. I also built a web viewer so you can share your videos online, with the audio and transcription in sync.

    Captioning and Subtitles: I built a captioning editor, that also makes it possible to translate captions into foreign languages automatically. You would be able to choose from 20 languages to subtitle your videos into. Exportable formats include .srt and .vtt.

    Lastly, you can voiceover your videos automatically to foreign languages with a pre set list of voices. Although the voices aren't perfect, I felt that this could be a good option for more informative videos, where the intonation of the voice didn't matter as much.

    Happy to hear any thoughts, feedback, or suggestions!
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    Your demo has two languages speaking at the same time.

    It sounds like a computer.

    It’s an American accent.

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