Ethical Policies in eCommerce

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    Make Policies Transparent
    Whether you sell a product or a service online, it's crucial to make your business policies clear on your website. Clearly state your return and exchange policies and whether you insure product shipments. Fully explain any conditions that exist in terms of shipments and purchases. State your physical mailing address for returns. Include a phone number, email and address where customers can reach a representative for support if they have issues. Link this page to your website for easy access. Be completely clear and honest about all of your policies to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

    Don't Stretch the Truth
    Many e-businesses draw customers to their websites by offering a "free" product or service; the truth is usually that there is a catch: the customer must purchase something else or sign up for a service. Unless you're actually offering something for free, don't lure consumers to your site in this way; you'll lose trust right off the bat. Also avoid the "bait and switch" technique where you offer a low price on an item, but when the consumer arrives at your site that item no longer exists and has to pay a higher price for something else. Finally, adhere to all of the policies outlined on your website; if you claim cash back on all returns, respect your customers enough to honor this.

    Protect Customer Privacy
    Although it's legal to sell customer information to marketing firms to raise a few extra bucks, it is not ethical and should be avoided. More and more consumers are concerned about privacy policies and many of them will check yours before making a purchase from you. Include your privacy policy in your terms of service and state that you will not sell customer information to third parties.

    Hold High Security Standards
    One of the most important ethical considerations e-businesses must make is how to best protect credit card numbers, names and addresses from hackers who will misuse the information. Make the investment in securing your site and heavily protecting it with firewalls, encryption and anti-malware software.


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