Enterprise Chat App- Enhances your team communication

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    Mar 3, 2016
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    Are you striving hard to make the team communication more effective and get the work done instantly?

    You can build an Enterprise Chat App that helps you in many ways and which in turn make you gain instant results and get the process completed within the expected time.

    It help you reach the team members very easily and also convey the message at the right time in terms of any official info or any priority work assignments etc.

    Since the chat app is built from an instant messaging solution it has an added advantage that it comes with 100% customizable features Where you can use it based upon your own requirements and it supports multiple platforms as well.

    It has amazing features like Offline messages, Push notification, Voice and video calling, screen sharing, multimedia file sharing, location fetch and much more. This way of communication help you reach greater heights!
  2. Mike Levin

    Mike Levin
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    Feb 27, 2017
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    Good application, by the way. But I would prefer to use telegram for chatting between employees and Skype for video conversations. They are more useful
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