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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by kevin-p, May 11, 2016.

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    Hi Everybody,

    My web site has a fair number of visitors every day. I want some ideas to increase users engagement with our site. Except for creating forums, what else can I implement on my website ?

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    Engaging visitors should be something you do on your entire site. Adding a forum or blog to the site would possibly increase traffic to the forum or blog, but that's it. The rest would still be ignored. You appear to be in a specialized niche, so you have a smaller pool of potential visitors to attract. To be honest, your website is boring. All it is is charts and lists of articles. There's nothing there to hold the visitor's interest. I went to the "Newsbrief" page, and the list of articles for today was almost 6 pages long! I clicked on a couple of the articles on page 1 to check them out, and there was nothing there.
    I did notice that visitors must register to see the prices on the various metals, and subscribe as well. is there a reason for that? Is that why I couldn't see the articles I clicked on in the "NewsBrief"?
    If you want to engage your visitors more, you have to give them a reason to visit, other than just pure research. Try searching Google using keywords related to your website content, and see what the top ten websites do. You may not be trying to get ranked on Google, but it will still give you an idea of how websites are designed to engage their visitors. You can also do the same thing they do to reach out to potential customers. Join websites related to your niche, and write articles for these websites. Of course, you would include a link back to your website in your profile. Participate in online groups related to your niche. Doing things like this will let people know your website exists. Of course, you then have to give them something interesting to see once they get there.
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