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    With the increasing popularity of the internet and the rise in the online shopping trend, we are witnessing an unprecedented boom in the numbers of new commercial websites that are being launched on a global scale daily. Various entrepreneurs are looking to the internet to make their business success story. The opportunities provided by e-commerce for selling almost any kind of product or service to a potential customer from across the globe are simply incomparable.

    Hence, apart from having a unique and attractive website, it is also important to have an efficient and safe electronic payment service that can help improve user confidence in your website.

    EBS (E-Billing Solutions) has been providing extensive and high-quality online payment services for a large number of online websites belonging to a huge variety of industrial sectors. EBS has been providing comprehensive electronic payment services to e-commerce websites since more than a decade now.

    The highly advanced tools in EBS online payment service package includes advanced features, such as allowing you to accept electronic payments by users with a large variety of cards (credit/debit/other cash cards) as well as other non-conventional online payment methods, such as net banking, mobile banking, digital wallets, etc.

    Choosing the most effective online payment service can help you to increase the efficiency and functionality of your website in a profitable manner.

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