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    I am a current business undergrad student in a state school. I am majoring in Economics and this fall I plan to add Finance as my second major. I had always planned to attend law school for corporate law following graduation, but now I'm having second thoughts. Originally, the plan was to seek a career in legal/financial consulting for a fairly large firm. However, I now wonder if the return on law school will be worth the +$150,000 of debt I will incur from it. This past semester I decided to add Finance and not limit myself to just one career path in law. Instead, I could enter the workforce immediately following graduation with no debt and then look to get my MBA with a focus in market forecasting and asset valuation. Hopefully, my future employer would offer to subsidize some of this expense in return for an extended contract. My questions are these: Is it going to be significantly more profitable to get a law degree and pursue that career path in the long term than it would be the MBA route? What are likely earnings in 5-8 years after MBA graduation for a Finance/Econ double major with an MBA emphasis on market consulting and/or asset management? Thank you!

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