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    Apr 5, 2011
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    Hello, thank you for your interest in reading this little article i have wrote. This guide will be about your forum's growth. It will explain why you're not or may not be seeing growth and at the same time, you can revise through the pointers and improve. This is an 100% original guide by me, so sit back, relax and enjoy the guide!

    Alright, whenever i visit forums, i usually will first look at the forum's stats. If its really low, i usually wouldn't bother joining. So to me, stats is everything. You don't want to sign up on a forum and start talking to yourself do you?

    So basically, if you're not seeing growth, it could be because of the following reasons...

    - your forum's content (content is everything)
    - your design of the forum
    - your forum's graphics (you don't want to join a site with poor graphics do you?)
    - your forum's stats (like i mentioned earlier on)
    - your forum's professionalism (you don't want to join a forum where members are arguing on the forum do you?)
    - your forum's extra features (its not all about discussions, your forum also need features like forum cash, arcade, chatbox, reputation/karma feature, and things like that)

    So yes, that's basically it. Your forum might not be growing maybe because of the reasons i have stated above. This guide is dedicated to Luigi, a member of my forum, who have asked my countless times, why doesn't anyone joins his site.

    Thank you for your time, and i am glad you have read this article! My next article will be published soon. So keep in touch! ;)

    Guide written by Joel of Advertise Hotspot
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    Apr 9, 2011
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