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Discussion in 'Website Development & Design' started by pentawebexperts, Dec 12, 2012.

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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Hello friends I have come to ask some serious questions that how one can determine that a web site from which one is eager to get a back link would be a web site with quality links?
    As I have read a lot of times that try to get back links from quality web sites and try to remove the low quality back links using the webmaster tool to get better rankings as they will effect on your rankings. If i would go forward to the sites that are high page rankings sites; have read many times that PR does not matter infect forget about this thing. So please share your opinions how one can determine that a web site is a quality web site and the link from the web site would be a quality link?
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    Aug 29, 2012
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    In general a fair question for a business who believes they need SEO but don't know about it; though I worry that you are advertising SEO services and are asking this question.

    But just in case someone genuine reads this and would benefit from an answer I'll give mine.

    A quality page to have a link from (whether paid and nofollowed, or unpaid and not-nofollowed) is one where you likely customers are going to be visiting.
    The webpage does not have 100s or 1000s of links on it (internal or not)
    The link (or advert) is placed in such a way as to be easily seen; and relevant enough to the audience for them to want to click on your link to do business with you.

    That's it.
    Boils down to: will having a link on the page bring you business? IF so, that is a good page to be on.

    After that, let the SEO look after itself. Link build like this and chances are your SEO will also improve.

    Of course many SEOs companies can't operate on this, they tend to make unrealistic promises to clients and then need to get the links they can.
    Really, for almost anyone, but SEOs in particular, it should be fairly obvious when a page seems high quality. Just do a search on any topic YOU are interested in and start looking through the sites you find. I'll bet there are lots where you click into the site and click straight back out again. Guess what - that is probably not a high quality site for your search term.
    If you click into a site and stay there, guess what, chances are that is a quality site for the search term!
    Now, look at the two types of sites; look at what the first one had (or didn't have) so that you didn't stay; and then look at what 2nd one did have (So that you did stay); now you have the basis of what makes a quality site and what doesn't.

    After that, with regards to PR, it's not that PR doesn't have a place in ranking, it does. It's just that it is only one of many factors which is why you get told not to focus too much on it. The only real reason I pay attention to PR is the likehood of my link being found. The higher the PR of a page the more likely Google is to re-crawl the page for changes (my link).
    Also, just because the page has a high PR doesn't mean the link will be followed for passing PR!!

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