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    Are there some ways on Dell password reset if I forgot Dell system password or Dell laptop password for such as Dell Inspiron, Latitude laptops and Precision Workstations? How can I reset Dell password with Windows 7, XP, 2000, Vista, etc.? Urgent to solve the problem! I have to access my PC for vital files! Next, let’s take care of the following common methods for Dell reset password.

    Method 1: Use Dell password reset disk to reset password Dell laptop
    The method is only for users who created such disk before forgot Dell password.
    A. Create a password reset disk
    a. Insert a USB Flash Drive or CD/DVD into driver.
    b. Open Start - Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety - User Accounts.
    c. Select “Create a password reset disk” on the left pane, and then “Forgotten Password Wizard”.
    d. Click “Next” and follow the Wizard to create password reset disk.
    Now, you need not know the old password to recover lost Dell password. With the disk, you can safely bypass Dell password now!
    B. Reset password Dell laptop with the created disk.
    a. Click OK and close the message box on the password incorrect prompt interface.
    b. Click Reset Windows Password and insert the password reset disk.
    c. Follow the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password.
    If you need not opt for this method to help you bypass Dell power on/login password, please share it with your friends who own Dell laptops or netbooks.

    Method 2: Dell password reset from accounts with administrator privilege
    We can bypass Dell password by available accounts with admin rights, the built-in (default) administrator account included. Take the steps:
    a. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete twice when PC starts.
    b. When Log On to Windows dialog box appears, type Administrator in the User name box and the administrator password in the password box. And then click OK. Or you can directly click Ok if you don't set password.
    c. Click Start > Run > Type control userpasswords2 > click OK.
    d. Choose the user name that you want to reset the password for, and then click Reset Password on the Users tab.
    e. Set your new password and click OK on the Reset Password dialog box. And then click OK on user tab.
    f. Restart the Dell computer, and then try to login with the account reset.

    Method 3: DIY a bootable CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive Dell password recovery disk
    We just need a PC with optical Driver and password recovery software to remove lost Dell password. Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery is welcomed by large amounts of Dell computer users! Then the procedure to create Dell password reset disc is as following:
    a. Download and intall Ainorsoft Windows Password Recovery then burn its .iso file into a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive with an accessible PC;
    b. Boot the burned CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive from the PC lost password;
    c. Reset the new Dell password.

    It will be sure that we will never worry about Dell password reset for versions like Inspiron, Latitude, Vostro, etc. with Windows 7, XP, Vista or 2000, etc.


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