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    Verdina provides Fast, Secure, Reliable dedicated servers for your business. Our dedicated hosting services are provided by high-end enterprice hardware. We hire top-end specialists to handle the important parts of our infrastructure. Our servers are located in Tier 3 DC located in Sofia, Bulgaria, European Union.

    Dedicated hosting is our business and we welcome you to be а part of it. Benefit from our experience and let us help you choose the best platform for your application.

    Server Packages offered by Verdina:

    VerDi Entry

    Intel Xeon E3-1241 v3, 3.50GHz, 4 Cores, 8M Cache, 8 Threads
    Up to 32 GB RAM
    Software RAID
    Unmetered Bandwidth (Free)
    1Gbps Dedicated Uplink
    KVM Access

    Price:EUR 69/month

    Order now !!!

    VerDi Storage

    2xIntel Xeon E5-2420 1.90GHz, 15M Cache, 6 Cores, 12 Threads
    Up to 128 GB RAM
    8x HDD/SATA
    Hardware RAID
    1Gbps Dedicated Uplink
    Unmetered Bandwidth (Free)
    KVM Access

    Price: EUR 124/month

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    VerDi High-End

    2x Intel Xeon E5-2440 v2 1.90GHz, 20M Cache, 16 Cores, 16 Threads
    Up to 128 GB RAM
    Hardware RAID
    1Gbps Dedicated Uplink
    Unmetered Bandwidth (Free)
    KVM Access

    Price: EUR 149/month

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    Custom Server

    Custom CPU
    Up to 192 GB RAM
    Up to 36x HDD SSD/SATA
    Hardware RAID
    Unmetered Bandwidth (Free)
    1-10Gbps Dedicated Uplink
    KVM Access

    Price: Ask for a quote.

    Order now !!!

    DDoS protection packages:

    Basic package which offers protection against a 50gbps DDoS attack.
    Price: EUR 49/month

    Enterprise package which offers protection against a 100gbps DDoS attack.
    Price: EUR 199/month

    We can provide assistance with the services you are running on your Verdina infrastructure. This includes performance tweaking, service management and general problem solving. We offer the following rates:

    Silver +50 EUR (2hours per month)

    Gold +100 EUR (5hours per month)

    If you need extra hours besides this packages, we charge 50 EUR per hour.

    Verdina guarantees the functioning of all dedicated server leased hardware components and will replace any failed component at no cost to the client. Hardware repair/replacement will begin immediately upon identification of a hardware problem. Hardware is defined as the Processor(s), RAM, Hard Disk(s), Motherboard, NIC Card, and other related hardware included under the server lease. The time required to repair/replace hardware does not include software reinstallation and/or data recovery from backup tapes/disks (time frame depends on size of disk).
    · Maximum guaranteed uptime of 99.98%
    · 24/7 support on live chat and ticket for our servers
    · 3 Days FULL REFUND if there are any issues with the server
    · No more "noisy neighbours" to hurdle your resources
    · Full control over the application environment
    · Privacy over your content
    · Easier, futureproof scaling
    · Highest customer service
    · Quality equipment
    · Highly functional tools for administration
    · The leading feature set available
    · Secure backups
    · Unmetered bandwidth -100mbps
    · Solid and honest business practices

    Our current payment options are: PayPal, BitCoin.
    Great discounts on larger orders!
    More information about us and our services you can find here: www.verdina.net .
    You can contact us by live chat on our website, by our Contact Us page or simply by e-mail at sales@verdina.net

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