Dealing with Unethical Management

Discussion in 'Legal and HR' started by JohnDoe, Feb 24, 2017.

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    A few years ago at my place of employment there was a major management shift, the CEO left and was replaced by a long time employee. Since this has happened there have been some disturbing trends from this management team.

    To make a long story short my position has been outsourced to a company. Initially i was told that i would be kept in place to do the day to day operations and used for small to midsize projects. A few weeks ago i found out that my entire job has been outsourced and it's not coming back. I found this out during a performance review with my boss. In it he explicitly stated they have no use for me anymore but because we're union it's difficult to get rid of me and would jeopardize the contract they signed to outsource my work. He also stated my performance was rocky. This was the first i had heard of this, we have weekly meetings and nothing was ever brought to my attention.

    Since that meeting things have gone down hill for me. I'm getting assigned very odd tasks way out of my job scope and management is nitpicking everything i do and in some cases fabricating things. The most recent incident i was told to clean some equipment and set it up. I wiped it all down, removed as much of the tape glue as i could and put it out. Low and behold i get pulled in and told it was all covered in dust and there was tape on it. When i inspected it there was no dust at all and you could see where i was scrubbing to get the little bit of tape off to no avail.

    Now i don't want to rock the boat but this isn't the first time Management has lied about things to get staff(not just me) in trouble. I can't take it through HR and our union is rather meek. I'm seriously considering a lawyer. I've been documenting serious instances of management misconduct for the past year and a half that relate to me and feel i would have a good case for harassment/bullying in the work place. Right now i feel like they are trying to get a record of mistakes going so they can begin the discipline process to ultimately terminate my position.

    Any suggestions on a course of action?

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    It's a good thing you have been documenting these incidents, as you will need them should you decide to take legal action. Here in the US, we have a National Labor Relations Board, with which a complaint can be filed. You probably have a similar type of organization in Canada, although I don't know what it would be called. You can probably find them online and can look up the procedures for filing a complaint, with or without representation. Once you find out how, go ahead and file a complaint.

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