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    My wife decided to try out a meal delivery service, she placed the order last week and was expecting the delivery today. This morning she gets an email from the company explaining that in the resent weather storms they are experiencing electrical issues and can't do the delivery TODAY and will deliver it next week. obviously I can understand how hard it is having electrical problems and things are not working in their kitchen, I feel sorry for them. Still I truly believe that they could have done much better managing there business and customers.
    Why don't they have a back up kitchen that they can rent space at? if they tried this and had no luck, let your customers know you are looking into all of the options to continue service with little or no interruption.
    secondly, offer some compensation! if you are not going to provide the service like promise, an email is just not enough! offer 10% off on your next order..
    Last, don't let me know the day of the service! maybe i have an alternative, this might have been for a dinner party and now i am out of food for my crowed!
    It's real sad to see companies running there business into the ground with poor customer service!

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