Cultural differences

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    I had a meeting with a new client the other day. They are an Indian company who needs some coding doing.

    All was going well during the Skype meeting until he said: "my business partner is here". He didn't say a name or introduce him or anything. The business partner just said "Hallo. Manoj". I wasn't sure if this was his first or last name, his position in the business or relationship to the client.

    Is this normally how people greet each other in India? Or was this the exception?

    In the UK when a new person joins a conversation they are always introduced by an existing participant:

    "Bob, this is Steve Jones the Financial Director who is blah blah blah."

    Bob can then say hallo to Steve and Steve can say hallo to Bob. It's much more relaxed and less formal and last names are rarely used.

    I also struggled to get them to agree to terms - they promised everything even when their response should have been 'no we can't do that'. But this is a different story.
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    No, it's not like that in India. We also do like the way you do.
    Just Because of 1 person you are assuming about India. So sir it is not like that as your partner did. :)
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    That's how all my friends introduce their friends to me, and that's how I introduce my friends to other people" Hi, this is Julie, my friend".For me, I introduce people in great detail unless it's in a very formal meeting.

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