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    Dear All,

    my wife and I run a cheese business in Goa, India. We are the first to promote 'high quality' cheese products. We are both Directors of the company. Last April we joined with an Australian investor with a background of the food industry.

    Upon meeting the first time, they were impressed by what we had achieved given the limitations. After the first meeting in Goa they asked us to make the business 'all year' as it was primarily supported by seasonal clients. The Australians invested around 20k usd and we delivered magnificantly. More specifically we proved that we can produce and sell. Take a look at our web site for a clearer picture,

    the reason why i joined this forum simply because now, the investors who currently have only 17% shareholding, now want 55%. My original proposal stated that 40% would be given, however we did increase this to 49%. However in the agreement if they decide to walk away, we are not liable.

    My wife and i have our concerns as we do not want to give 55% of our comapny away, we feel that if we go ahead after 3-5 years we will be no more

    any other questions please feel free to ask, thanking you all in advance for any suggestions or advice you may provide

    Sheriozha Anthony Wijekoon

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