Cricket dice game prototype - looking for anyone with cricket contacts

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    Jul 13, 2011
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    At the moment, I have developed a prototype for a dice cricket game - light weight, fast, furious 20/20 style cricket - played with dice - simple - called "POCKET CRICKET"

    Sure, there has been cricket games played with dice - but 'POCKET CRICKET' has been developed so you can play with friends and bring back the social, face to face gaming aspect.

    1 bag - 6 dice - that's it. Simplicity has been the recipe as I plan to market to the sub-continent. The dream is that every school boy in India has a set in his pocket to play between classes.....!

    We have an order for 1000 sets to be made within the month.

    So.....India is the target......but it's advice for successful minds here that I need.

    How to market it?
    Who to contact?
    Where to start?
    I'd really like a famous face to give it support to help sales.

    I hope there may be some responses!

    Over and out

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