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    Hi, EveryOne

    SimiCart is a M-commerce solution for Magento store owners to generate their own mobile appplication

    Magento mobile app builder AUTOMATICALLY. At SimiCart, you can build iPhone and android application synchronized with Magento store. FREE to start !

    The first and best Solution to create Magento Mobile App
    You must have magento mobile apps, right away! Because this is the best way to interact and convert sales from mobile users (PROVED)

    Use SimiCart to quickly build shopping apps synchronized with your current website. Unlike our competitors, you can do this by yourself AUTOMATICALLY. And note that nowhere else but HERE you can build apps of awesome loyalty features that customers can't help but visit and purchase again and again.

    Powerful mobile shopping apps downloadable in App Stores

    Customers can download your professional magento mobile app to their iPhone, iPad or Android devices (native apps). They will love to use your shopping apps because it takes them LEAST time to purchase! Doubt it? Just 1 minute to search products by scanning bar code, QR code, 0.5 minute to login by connecting Facebook account, then 2 minutes to check out quickly by auto filling GPS address.

    Create Magento Mobile App Free At SiMiCart

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    Let's build magento mobile apps all by yourself!
    M-commerce, Mobile Shopping App, Magento Mobile App Builder 1

    Select edition
    Go to pricing and add to
    cart your preferred edition
    M-commerce, Mobile Shopping App, Magento Mobile App Builder 2

    Select Plugins
    Select plugins if you want more features then check out
    M-commerce, Mobile Shopping App, Magento Mobile App Builder 3

    Build Magento App
    Go to App magnagement to build shopping apps (no coding required)
    M-commerce, Mobile Shopping App, Magento Mobile App Builder 4

    Get Support
    You are supported free forever, just submit a ticket at Support Desk

    Try It Now : Click Here

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    Creating a Magento mobile app for free is certainly not going to be possible as long as you run your own Magento mobile app development company.

    However instead of suggesting existing service providers I would rather advise you to go in for a readymade Magento mobile app solution. If in case you haven’t heard of any such thing then let me give you some clarity.

    Basically a readymade solution has all the ingredients to build a Magento Mobile App. If you zero in on an appropriate solution and tell your functional requirements then technical experts will assemble them and deliver it to you. As the solution is readily build the app development process takes place quickly. Further, even in terms of cost it works out to be cheaper than building an app from the scratch.

    On that note I would suggest you Contus M-Comm which is a readily built solution for creating mobile apps exclusively for Magento stores.


    • The advantage of going in for Contus M-Comm is that you will get to offer your customers a tremendous user experience to your customers as there are lots of features like push notifications, pending order notifications, reward points, etc.
    • Another advantage is that this solution reduces your work load. For instance the auto sync option, automatically updates the changes made in the website backend to your mobile app.
    • Further this solution is customizable hence features to your preference can be accommodated without any hassles.
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