couple saved the dog

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    Junior's skin disorder lead him to be blind.His excess of flesh on head folds his eyes and he was unable to see.
    So his owners Denise and David Smart, of Selby, North Yorkshire, took him for the operation which was a complete
    success.They told that they took care of their little pooch but he was not improving but getting his eye sight poor
    and poor.Denise and David to a specialist called Gary Lewin who performed the delicate facelift – which he later
    described as the most difficult he’d ever done – during a three-hour operation.Junior’s excess skin was removed
    allowing him to see clearly and the owners said that it was a new life to him.They thought one of his eyelashes was
    too big and they tried working on that, but that didn’t solve the problem either.Junior, whose father Fortitude was
    winner of Best in Breed at Crufts 2009, was referred to a consultation with Gary, who is based near Penrith in
    He then decided to go ahead with an operation he described as the most difficult he’d ever performed.There was alot of flesh on his head and the three hours operation look like a worth.Now, Junior can see everything.
    It’s great that he is full of life again.
    The pair have named their home ‘The Dog House’ and Junior have Bloodhounds Jasper and Judge, and
    Basset Hounds Johnson and Jed.

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