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    i would like to ask some help for a feature I added to my site.

    Business: It's an email marketing platform specifically designed for affiliate marketers. I am competing with aweber.

    i offer everything aweber offers + higher delivery rate, easy to use autoresponder, free 2,000 emails monthly.

    I also recently added a feature that will help list owners or those with current publication to monetize their list through text-based ads.

    Here is a clearer description:

    Earn More From Your Email List Through Text-based Ads

    Emercury is partners with Admailr, a proprietary technology that will allow:
    • list owners to monetize their list by placing text-based ads on their current publications, and
    • advertisers to place ads on publications that are relevant to their product for higher consumer engagement.

    Admailr's technology determines which ads will be inserted into which newsletters and viewed by which recipients to get the most engagement. For advertisers, it means they will get higher click through rates than if they sent out the advertisement as a solo email message as it is traditionally done. For publishers, it allows them to earn money while they send their existing newsletters.

    This is the link to the new feature:

    Do you find the new feature compelling enough if you are a list owner?

    Would appreciate any critic or feedback.

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