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Discussion in 'Growing and Managing a Business' started by dark_perfect, May 11, 2012.

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    Hi all,

    I wish to enrol in the iOS Developer Program with a partner to develop iOS applications and publish them to Apple's App Store, and after some initial research, it seems as though Apple require evidence of our "partnership" in the form of a certificate of incorporation. I have virtually no business knowledge, so obtaining a certificate is daunting for me - we wouldn't say we are a company, and are doing this mainly to educate ourselves further with various development processes.

    From what I have dug up online, I apply for a certificate of incorporation to prove that we are a "limited company". I am not too sure what the term "limited company" implies, so have been trying to read up on that too, and from what I can gather, it is just a legal entity that removes liability from individual people (myself and my partner), but in addition to this, we must provide annual accounts to "Companies House" which are made available to the public. This sounds like quite a lot of work, organisation, and administration for what we are trying to achieve.

    So, really, I have quite a few questions.

    - Has anyone else had similar experiences forming a partnership but requiring certificates of incorporation? (If it is for the Apple Developer Program, then even better!).
    - How much cost is there involved in forming a limited company and obtaining a certificate of incorporation.
    - Does providing annual accounts require strict, organised book-keeping on behalf of myself and my partner?
    - What happens if the company disintegrates? We may decide to stop after a year or so, so would we have to "deregister"?
    - Are there any tax implications on earnings? Bearing in mind, there may not even be any earnings!
    - Are there any alternatives to all this? All I need is a way for myself and my partner to develop and publish iOS applications under a single name!!

    If anyone has any sources of information that I can use, that'd be welcome.

    Not sure if it has any bearing, but I am from the UK.

    Many thanks,

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