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    This is my first post so I appreciate any response and look forward to contributing to others.

    I have recently been presented with what I believe to be a great opportunity. An opportunity which I feel more than capable to seize but am aware that I am lacking in some of the legal and more technical aspects.

    Whilst in Colombia I made friends with an amazing couple who own a small, organic, extremely high-quality coffee farm. They've wanted to bring their product to the UK market but lack the contacts of knowledge to do so.

    They offered to let me distribute the product in the UK and that leads me to my questions.

    How do you write up a contract for such an agreement? How do I ensure I'm getting paid for my time but they're not wasting resources? Should I start a UK registered company?

    Where I'm up to so far - The night they made this offer I wrote up a plan. This involved label improvements, formatting and translations. Marketing suggestions. Web design (family contact in place for this). Prospects in my area. Launch strategy and promotions. Cost analysis. Certifications. As well as various other small amendments.

    This project will not take place until I finish what I'm working on and return to the UK but upon my return I intend to make this my primary focus. I know there's a market and have no doubt I can sell the quantity they're able to provide.

    Thank you.

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