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    Cloud Storage

    Time to take the worry of backing up. Automatic file detection, painless file recovery, and peace of mind.

    Robust Backup System
    Simple and easy setup, autonomous file detection, quick uploads, and ease of access to your documents, pictures, videos, etc. online or on your mobile device!

    External Devices

    Do you have a computer that has a drive or two hooked up to it? Want to protect and backup that data too? Not to worry, either package can accomplish that for you!

    Easy Recovery

    So in case if something happens there are three different ways to get your stuff back: Download it or you can have a USB stick or Hard Drive with all your data on it shipped to you!*

    "With this amazing storage solution, you get UNLIMITED storage on a per device level. First, unlimited storage is typically a very expensive option from any cloud provider, though with Cascadia and our partner, we can offer that a super affordable price! Now you may be asking what's the difference between Cascadia managing our storage account or we do it ourselves? The main difference is that when something goes wrong, you just have to notify us and we'll get that data back and setup for you. Whereas if you do it yourself, you'll use the guide (super easy read) to get that data back. Just depends on how technically savvy you are and whether you want to manage it or not!
    If you are looking to install multiple computers and want a volume discount on the product, please let us know!

    Cloud Backup Packages

    Cascadia Storage
    $9 per device / Month
    3 Different Recovery Options
    We Setup the Backup System
    We Recover your Data
    Unlimited Storage

    Order Now

    Do It Yourself Storage
    $50 per device / Year
    3 Different Recovery Options
    Unlimited Storage
    Order Now

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