Must Read: Changes To "Business & World News" Forum rules

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    While moderating the forum, I recently discovered that the rules for the "Business & World News" forum were completely rewritten while the previous owner was the Administrator. Basically, the new rules mean that it is no longer permissible to post a news story in it's entirety as your post. Other important changes include the fact that posts must include a link to the source, and must be business-related, or related to a newsworthy world event. Any post that does not cover a business-related subject or newsworthy world event will be removed, and a warning issued. Also, although you cannot quote an entire article, you can quote a portion of the article, using tags, so that the quoted portion of the article looks like this:

    Note: to make it look like the quote above, the word "quote" in each tag must be all in uppercase letters

    Alternatively, you can summarize the important points in the article in your own words, then include a link to the source.The entire post with the new rules for the "Business & World News" forum can be found here. We apologize for the delay in notification, and will make every effort to inform the members of any rules changes in a timely manner.

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