Change your reality with pure thought!

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    You ever heard someone say, "I don't feel like doing..." this that or thee other? We take for granted the most real, and absolute power of THOUGHT. Consider this basic reality: Thought precedes our every action. Thought is the cause of everything. Life happens. It happens to us and without or consent. It is a great discipline to stay on top of your game every day all day. Since most of us have moments of vulnerability at some time through the day or week, this print is particularly for US.
    You do not have to be a sage to harness the your innate ability to change your reality. You just have to want to do so and feed your will the strength that it needs to bring about that change. First, there is the thought. Second, there is the desire. Third, there is the will. Thought creates our desire, desire feeds the will.
    Aside from any actual chemical imbalance in the brain, we can reshape our reality by restructuring our thinking. If you think sad, you will be sad. If you think happy you will be wonderful! To often we confuse the sensations of our body with thought. "I've been feeling sluggish since this morning, nothings going right." Feelings are not the influence of thought. Feelings are merely the constructs of thought itself. If we control how we think, we control how we feel. I quote from the bible, the book of Psalms: "as a man THINKETH in his heart, so IS he." We have not become attorneys, web masters, journalist, ect. based on how we feel, rather we initiated the THOUGHT, that created our desire, that fed our will, and through our actions of building on that thought day after day, we shaped the reality into the various things that compose who we are. Change your reality with pure thought. God Bless.

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