Caribbean Investors to Learn From

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    I posted a recent article which I think I should substantiate with legitimate references. This is an Investor from whom I think we can all learn. His strategies and success is proof enough that he has what it takes to make an investor in all of us, es[edially if we are to invest in International Markets like the US, UK and China.

    More articles to confirm can be found here..

    Major Investor in Trinidad.

    Here he bought some property for over $7 million:

    Here he is listed as Chairman of Cable and Wireless, which was apparently the most profitable state-owned business in Trinidad:

    Also mentioned here with regards to that company:

    He was a major shareholder in Trinidad's largest bank, RBTT, which was sold to Royal Bank of Canada:

    Here he's listed as a principal shareholder in that sale:

    Need I say more?

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