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    We often hear from Business Owners "There is no work in our co" running Small, Medium and Large Size Enterprises/Firms/Organisations/Corporations in some time or other to Employees working in the co.

    This could be warning / danger signs for the employees indicating possible job losses for them as the employees will be on bench without any work for a long period.

    1. What are the Factors which has contributed the Situation of
    "There is now no Work in our co" ?.

    2. Will you hold responsible the Top Management of the co responsible for bringing the situation of "No Work in our co" ?

    3. Do you agree or disagree with the following views /opinion from my side ?.

    a. Tracing the reasons for "No Work" in the co by Business Owners.

    Are the Existing Clients/Customers Happy or Unhappy with the service provided by us ?

    Decision Making

    if the existing customers are unhappy they cannot give repetitive business. If the existing customers are happy they can give more business. Finding out the reasons regarding why customers are unhappy with the service provided ?. Is it because of Delay in timely delivery, Poor Quality of Product in terms of Defects, After Sales Service inefficiency shown by the co etc ?.

    Do the above factors has contributed to Existing Customers looking for new vendors/suppliers ?

    With Existing clients testimonials, one can generate new Business. Even for a co, whose existing clients are happy and co are not able to generate new Business, it is a failure of the Business Development Managers working in the co.

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    Business strategy will able to give answer of following question:following things need to consider during formulation of business strategy:
    1)scope of business to which the strategy is applied?
    2)current and future need of customer and identifying potential customer
    3)what are the unique competence that will give us competitive advantage in meeting these needs now and in the future?
    4)what broad term need to be done to secure future of business?
    good business strategy helps for growth of business..

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