(Business Opportuny)To buy the best baby care products in the world

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    A. Four kinds of patented products (peculiar, patented, unique)
    1, Full-featured Bottles (anti-choking, anti-flatulence, non-spill, protect gums, maintain freshness, 360 ° drinking freely)

    2, Intelligent Diaper (fast absorbing , strong absorbent capacity, double layer side leakage proof, voice warnings, adjustable thickness of the diaper) 4, Anti-dry Wet Wipes (keep wet until use out. Maximum packing: 200pcs/bag)
    3, Multi-function Blanket (automatically recover after being kicked off; air circulation to ensure fresh air; intelligent temperature sensor)

    B, The summary conditions of being our distributors.
    1, favorable to infant industry
    2, free of gambling and other bad habits
    3, willing to take Style infant industry as your own business.
    4, responsible and energetic.
    For more information, please contact with Mr. Wang E-mail : tiky@huabaole.com
    I sincerely look forward to the enthusiastic friends and collaborators.

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