Business Credit & Funding WITHOUT a PERSONAL GUARANTEE

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    The Corporate Credit Depot works closely with companies of all types, shapes and sizes. As a business owner, it’s important to understand the value in building a strong Business Credit Asset. The hands-down biggest and most common mistake entrepreneurs make is using personal credit to finance their business. Paying for business expenses by obtaining personal loans or by using your personal credit cards usually leads to business failure!

    The Corporate Credit Depot created a program that’s designed to both educate as well as lead you, the business owner, through the confusing maze of bank and agency red tape and guidelines. We call this our Business Credit Builder Program.

    The “Secret Sauce” of this program is our Certified Business Credit Coaching Program. As a client, we assign you to a business credit coach who guides you through the step-by-step process of ensuring your business is in compliance and helps to insure you develop a long-lasting and valuable Business Credit Asset.

    Our Business Credit Builder Program uses the first and only technology platform that will integrate your business with all three business credit bureaus. Dunn & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax and is the only “certified business credit coaching program” with these three business credit bureaus.
    Our goal at The Corporate Credit Depot is to provide each of our customers with the widest array of commercial lending opportunities tied to your Business Credit.

    Building a Business Credit Asset can not only improve your cash flow, but can help you get the best loan interest rates anywhere, between 0-12.99% with NO Personal Guarantee requirement. Our program is a proven system to help you achieve a foundation of financial credibility and develop a new source of business funding through the development of a Business Credit Asset.

    The Business Credit Builder program will help you establish you’re Business Credit and ensure you can obtain lines of credit. With this foundation, businesses will be able to establish trade or vendor credit, and build your Business Credit scores to superior levels. All along the way, your personal Credit Coach will provide guidance throughout the entire process.

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