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    Most websites use the same keywords on the same page, and in order to determine how these pages should be ranked, there are two major factors that you should know – the number and quality of links that point to your website’s pages and its reputation/popularity. If your page appears to be dependable, then it will most likely rank high in search engine results.

    What is the value of a link? First, links increase the credibility and authority of a page in the eyes of search engines. Secondly, it helps search engines connect a page’s relevance with specific keywords, which are based on the anchor text (the keywords with the clickable link). If the anchor text is related to the link it goes to, then search engines consider this a good link.

    Original and high-quality content is what modern link building focuses on. This provides value to users and it promotes a larger audience through sharing. That is why it is not that easy, but then there are some things you can to start building your online authority. Company blogs, images, videos, client interaction, and email – these are just some of the things you can use to gain links.

    Building a targeted and involved community can also build links. A well-visited website has its own followers, thus these followers read their websites page by page, looking after their new updates, and then these will soon be shared and linked to.

    Remember that it is easy to build links, but it will be a lot easier and beneficial for your site to rank first in a SERP, if you’ll be earning more links!

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    Search engine optimization is a method of preparing a site for high ranking in search engine queries. Methods on optimization vary between legitimate ways like continually improving content relevancy and ease of navigation to tricks like keyword stuffing, link farming, etc.

    The term used for people to have your site linked to theirs one-way is to have an inbound link. With search engine giants like Google and its PageRank system, it places significant value on the number of links pointed to your site because it is considered a vote of confidence and relevance by that site.

    As stated by Google: “In essence, Google interprets a link from page A to page B as a vote, by page A, for page B.” And a large vote of confidence online not only means fame but most likely even fortune. This is because the relevancy of a site causes it to rank higher in the search engine search strings, attracting more attention from consumers and attracting revenue from companies willing to pay to appear on the same site.

    In effect, one-way inbound links are now as good as gold.

    So far, there are five effective ways to acquire inbound links:

    1. Wait for Offers
    2. Play Musical Chairs.
    3. Apply for Inbound Links.
    4. Links for Sale
    5. Be Generous, Distribute Content.

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