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    I’m just wondering which software do you use to keep a consistency of marketing materials through multiple offices and marketing campaigns?

    Let’s say you have an agency with bunch of offices and employees in these offices sometimes need to create some kind of marketing material (it could be for both printing or digital media purposes) based on predefined templates. This template should be brand consistent and it is something that should be created in the main office of the company, for example by marketing department.

    By Brand Consistency I mean a correspondence of template with company brand guidelines (correct brand colors, fonts, font sizes, brand elements, etc.) Let’s say it is business card or printing ad. Employee can open a template and change some fields like name, address, email, etc. But he will not be able to change a general layout of business card or ad. Then he can save it as picture or print it.

    It should save a lot of time and money multi-office organizations like real estate agencies or companies that give franchising opportunities for their customers and have to make sure that everybody who has bought franchise use the same branding rules in their marketing campaigns and materials.

    I’m asking because I have my own desktop publishing instrument which now is used for other purposes but can be adopted to solve this problem. I already support majority of features I described above (custom editing, high resolution documents, layout locking, brand font upload, etc.). I still don’t have a possibility to create a template library, but that wasn’t our original goal, as we initially developed it for other purposes.

    Now we’re in search of a niche where it can be used to solve some real life problems and that’s why I’m writing this post. Probably you have some problem in your business where this tool can be used.

    I have a feeling that it will be very useful for a lot of businesses but it would be great to get feedback from people and know what does actual business owners think about that.

    It would be great to know your opinion about it, may be your businesses have such problems, or you already use some software to solve it.

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