Best tips on how to improve sales skills

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    Careers that offer commissioned incentives based ono sales performance can be an excellent opportunity to bring home a large paycheck. Unfortunately, salesman get a bad reputation if they are too pushy or seem to be too desperate to close a sale. Here are some customer friendly ways to boost your sales and your paycheck without having to beg to close the deal.

    1. Features, Advantages, and Benefits
    Many salespeople spend too much time extolling the virtues of the features of their product or service. In other words they talk about what their offering is, rather than what it can do for the customer. So a basic sales skill is the ability to differentiate between:
    The features of what the product/service is.
    How these features might be an advantage to a customer.What a real customer says the benefits are of having the product or using the service.
    If the salesperson just talks features at their customer, the customer will quickly become bored, because most of the features have no interest for them. The safest way for the seller to proceed is to find out exactly what benefits the customer is looking for, and to do that they need to ask the right questions.
    2.Listen more than you talk
    Great sales professionals understand the value of listening. As said by many, if you were designed to talk more than to listen, you would have two mouths and only one ear. Use your two ears at least five times more than your mouth. As a wise man once told me: If you are telling, you ain’t more

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