Benefits of outsourcing offshore (virtual) staff

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    Whether new or replacement personnel, adding staff evidently becomes a cash flow burden to just about any business or company. Since October 2008, Australian businesses and companies had to pay an extra 4.14% minimum full time income. This makes the minimum hourly rate go up to $14.31 per hour, weekly $543.78 and monthly rate up to $2,175. Maybe costs are not an issue for other company businesses, but accessing skilled staff and adding the right team members would be.

    Thanks to communication, outsourcing and IT or information technologies, companies can access the global outsourcing workforce at a price of $9k to $22k per year from BPO recruitment service companies, making it easy to get a return on your investment.

    Imagine what you can do with your business if you were able to outsource and add more BPO staff working at $5 to $10 per hour without it being a cash flow burden?

    You would probably...

    • Take on more BPO staff so your business or company has new capabilities and productivity;
    • Outsource and add offshore staff to open up bottle necks in your company services and business;
    • Balance competitive pressures;
    • Help with marketing your business more effectively online with outsourced virtual assistant, SEO staff, affordable web designer, web developers and more IT outsourcing staff and employee;
    • Achieve results sometimes not possible to do with the current internal staff;
    • Offer and outsource a virtual assistant or virtual assistants to your senior staff at $900 per month so they can become more productive;
    • Redirect your internal staff on more core business activities and get the outsourced offshore staff to take care of the rest;
    • Have outsourced virtual assistant or telemarketers qualify leads, generate more leads and provide customer support;
    • Improve time to market on some projects;
    • Add IT system administrators so your company emails and servers don’t cost a fortune to maintain;
    • Get a programmer or web site developer and streamline your own databases and operating systems;
    • Build new revenue streams;
    • Most office responsibilities can be performed remotely without staff presence needed, saving you office space and overhead cost;
    • Outsourcing benefits from around the clock shifts.

    These are but only a few possibilities how your businesses and companies could advance with outsourcing and the use of more cost effective BPO staff. Architecture, Marketing, Accounting and Legal industries can outsource offshore staff, not to do 100% of the job, but can be used to help with the workload by getting 40% or 60% of the job done, leaving the rest to be completed by in-house local staff.

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