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    It is very difficult to gain customer’s confidence in today’s e business due to lake of security. So it is compulsory for every e business holder to take trust building measures. Security is a major factor for your success in online business. Many customers don’t enter their personal information on the internet because they are in fear about possibility of forgery and data loss. Security is the biggest issue in the internet world today.

    The Cheap SSL certificate technology is used to secure the transaction over the internet. SSL Certificate is used to encrypt important information transmit through internet. SSL Certificate is very important because it contains information about the website owner and other information related to his organization. The Cheap SSL Certificate is issued by certificate Authorities like VeriSign, Thawte, and GeoTrust. The SSL certificate is a proof that their website is properly secured and can be trusted by the end user. A website that has purchased the signed certificate from the CA is listed on the CA’s public access list; the customers can verify the website’s claim of being SSL certified by looking at the list. Users are smart they often will not do transactions with such website that has non-authenticated certificates.

    Here are some instructions are given on which type of Cheap SSL certificate is better for you that might be helpful to you

    • If you are having main domain and multiple sub domains which are more than 25; Wildcard SSL certificate is the best option for you.
    • If you are in need of highest security; Extended Validation SSL certificate is the right option for you.
    • If your web sales are related to software it would better to buy Code Signing SSL certificate.
    • Subject Alternative Name SSL certificate secures your main domain and up to 25 sub domains so if you have less than 25 sub domains; it is an option.
    • SGC SSL certificates allows older browser to connect
      to a site using 128 bit or 256 bit encryption even if the normal browser encryption rate is 40 bit or 56 bit. This type of SSL certificate refers to a special certificate that enables strong encryption in browser that supports weak encryption.
    • Domain SSL certificate for right those who have less than 50 web sales in a month and standard SSL certificate is better for those who has website with web sales 50 to 250 per month.

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