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    Believe it or not, there are still lots of folks'including many elderly people and retirees--who don't have an idea how to access the world wide web or where to go once they're on it. If you're a technical professional and you like nothing better than fiddling online--then you can these people learn how to get around the information superhighway with convenience as an online instructor. You'll give workshops, classes, day-long programs or provide one-on-one support at mature facilities and in people's houses. And you can show the fundamentals or customize your programs to the specific kinds of online use your clients want to know. The benefits to this company are that--assuming you already have a computer--you can start on a limited, and while the web's been around for a while, not everyone is internet-savvy, so there's enough for development. Plus, you get to play online every day! As an online instructor, you'll normally need a strong backdrop in moving the world wide web, such as factors like internet promotion and research. You'll need the perseverance to information computer-phobic kinds through their steps, even when it seems to you that they should have selected it up a number of computer mouse mouse clicks back. And you should have the promotion smart to both area new clients and take advantage of do it again company.
    The Market
    Your clients can be personal elderly people or mature facilities. Give workshops and classes at local institutions and group centers--this recognizes you as an professional and is a good way to produce company and personal clients. Identify connections with pc shops and ask them to relate you to clients.

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