Ban Quick Email Providers From Your Forum. (Prevent Spam)

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    Spammers love to use email providers as that are 100% registration free, and dosent require any personal information to use. It gives them a very quick and easy way to register on your forum, and if you have email activation on, they can quickly activate their accounts using the quick email providers.

    All they do is go to the email provider's website and choose a quick name they want to use for their email and enter it, and then they can get the emails from websites they register to very quickly and then activate them, which helps them to spam forums very easily as it is a quick process. You can prevent spam like this by blocking those email providers from your boards, so people cant use these emails during registration on your forums, which is a great way to prevent unwanted spam. There are many ways to prevent spam, but this is just one out of the thousands of ways.

    Some examples of quick email providers would be: (There alot more, if you know them just ban them the same way as in this article)

    In order to ban them you would go to the ACP in whatever forum software you are using, and where the place is to ban emails you would enter:

    Since AdminBB uses XenForo we will show you how to ban those email providers in the XenForo forum ACP with more detail.

    Go to: ACP -> Users -> Banned Emails -> Email to Ban:
    Then you would enter the following emails:

    AdminBB was recently hit by spam during which they used these quick email providers to register and activate their account. So I made this to help other Admins to prevent and give the spammers a harder time. There will always be spam no matter what but you can always take steps to prevent it from happening. So I hope this helps other Admins.


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