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    Every time you interact in the forum you can gain or sometimes lose Credits. Some general ways you can earn credits is by reading posts, creating threads and replying to posts. You can lose credits if you receive a negative action such as someone reporting the post as spam. Below is a detailed list how how you can earn and lose Credits.

    Credits are also capped by what are considered normal daily usage limits. These daily limits are very generous because we value you participation in the forum. If these limits are surpassed though you will not continue to receive Credits for the rest of that day.

    Note: In the Marketplace and Advertising categories there is a 100 Credit deduction for new threads and a 50 Credit deduction for posts.

    Attachment Downloaded: +3 Credits

    Birthday +10 * your age Credits

    Complete filling out your profile: +10 Credits

    Conversation Deleted: -5 Credits

    Conversation Get a Reply: +1 Credits

    Create Conversation: +5 Credits

    Create New Poll: +5 Credits

    Create New Thread: +10 Credits

    Download Attachment: +2 Credits

    Facebook Associate: +8 Credits

    Facebook Disassociate: -8 Credits

    Follow Member: +2 Credits

    Get a Profile Post: +4 Credits

    Get Following you: +4 Credits

    Get Thread Reply: +2 Credits

    Get Thread Watched: +5 Credits

    Google Associate: +8 Credits

    Google Disassociate: -8 Credits

    Incomplete Profile: -10 Credits

    Like a Post: +2 Credits

    Like a Profile Post: +1 Credits

    Login: +5 Credits

    Lost Follower: -4 Credits

    Lost Post Like: -2 Credits

    Lost Thread Watch: -5 Credits

    New Post: +5 Credits

    Poll Get a Vote: +3 Credits

    Post Deleted: -5 Credits

    Post Reported: -10 Credits

    Profile Post Lost Like: -2 Credits

    Profile Post: +2 Credits

    Read Thread: +1 Credits

    Receive a Profile Post Like: +2 Credits

    Receive Conversation: +3 Credits

    Receive Post Like: +5 Credits

    Remove Attachment: -4 Credits

    Remove Avatar: -3 Credits

    Reply to a Conversation: +2 Credits

    Report Junk Post: +10 Credits

    Sticky Thread Removed: -10 Credits

    Sticky Thread: +10 Credits

    Thread Deleted: -10 Credits

    Thread Viewed: +1 Credits

    Transfer: -0.5 Credits

    Trophy Reward: +2 Credits

    Twitter Associate: +8 Credits

    Twitter Disassociate: -8 Credits

    Unfollow Member: -2 Credits

    Unwatch Thread: -3 Credits

    Update Status: +2 Credits

    Upload Attachment: +4 Credits

    Upload Avatar: +3 Credits

    Vote in a Poll: +2 Credits

    Watch a Thread: +3 Credits
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