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    Frustration. That is the best word to describe the feeling that you get when you do not quite understand what someone has said. Sometimes, no matter how many times you play back that moment, the exact words still elude you. Be it while watching a movie, attending a lecture or listening to a voice mail, we all find ourselves in that situation once in a while.
    We all need to communicate and finding an effective and efficient way to do that always has and always will be a top priority. The spoken word is the most basic method of communication but it may face hurdles such as difficult accents or background noise. Getting the message through is vital and audio/video transcription aims to do just that by transforming audio and video recordings into written text. Audio/video transcription services step in to bridge the gap between what you think you heard (or did not hear at all) and was actually said.
    With numerous audio/video transcription services available online offering up to 99% accuracy, flexible turn-around-times and competitive pricing businesses can have their recordings, in digital or analogue format, transcribed hassle-free. This of course has numerous advantages including saving money by not having an in-house transcription team, having accurate written records of events/meetings, easy and efficient referencing compared to searching through recordings and many more. Audio/video transcription has moved beyond being a tool used for aiding the hearing impaired to being a tool used to help business meet their targets.
    Perhaps the greatest advantage of using an audio/video transcription service is the human element. Transcription software, although useful, can sometimes drift off the mark. What was meant to be "meet at nine o'clock" can be transcribed as "meat and dine or dock" or something even stranger. The human ear is more adept at picking out words and using common sense to get the message as accurate as possible. In addition, most transcription services have a team of transcribers and quality analysts working together to make sure that all transcriptions meet high standards.
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