Are You Paralyzed with Doubt and Fear?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement and Being Successful' started by matthewferry, Sep 22, 2009.

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    One of my clients is paralyzed with doubt and fear. He says “I wish I knew what I wanted. I wish I didn’t feel so paralyzed. Every decision is hard for me. Why can’t my life be easy like other people?”
    The Drunk Monkey strikes again.

    Do you see yourself in the same situation?

    Fear and doubt are important mechanisms of The Drunk Monkey (your mind). Fear and doubt are guiding forces away from potential danger. The problem for most people, including my client, is that life is not dangerous at all. Not knowing what to do with your life is not dangerous.

    Therefore when you are in fear and doubt just notice how you are hallucinating that something bad is going to happen and you are avoiding that illusion.

    Second part of my clients statement is, “Why can’t my life be easy like other people?”. Again, this is a misperception. After coaching more then 8300 people to achieve happiness and success I can tell you with certainty that people lives look easy on the outside but everyone’s monkey makes it difficult on the inside.

    Life isn’t hard. Your resistance to what life makes it hard. If you will pause and see The Drunk Monkey madness in your head for what it is, then you will be able to let it go and move forward again.
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    Fear and doubt is come from "insufficient knowledge and low confident". Human being will feel fer and doubt when come to something they dont know or know very less about it, then they find the difficulty to make decision or saying dont know what to do.

    Actually there are some very common methodology are being used to overcome this problem. First at all, dont be tension or you will lose your confident, break down the big problem to few small problem, then make a plan to solve them one by one.

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