Are you a self-actualized person?

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    Do you know yourself well enough? The answers to this question will help you understand self-actualization – the highest need of Maslow’s pyramid and the ultimate source of inspiration. It ignites your power, makes you self-driven to be in absolute love with what you do and why you love what you do.
    Here are the most important characteristics, from Maslow's book ‘Motivation and Personality’:
    1. Self-actualized persons embrace the unknown and the ambiguous.
    2. They accept themselves, together with their flaws.
    3. They prioritize and enjoy the journey, not just the destination.
    4. Whilst they are inherently unconventional, they don’t seek to shock or disturb.
    5. They are motivated by growth, instead of the satisfaction of needs.
    6. They have purpose
    7. They are not troubled by small things.
    8. They are grateful.
    9. They share deep relationships with some, but also feel identification and affection toward the entire human race.
    10. They are humble
    11. They resist enculturation.
    12. Despite all this, they are not perfect.

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