any experience with DBAs?

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    there are many revenue streams withing my industry. my family is licensed to provide a service within the state of PA. i want to branch off and market a very specific type of service directly to consumers. how do DBAs work? do they need to be registered within the city our main business is located? do they need to be approved by the state? fed? since you are "Doing Business As"...

    for example...

    Johns Plumbing Service is licensed and operates in the state of PA in all aspects of plumbing, from small toilet repairs to installation of new water lines for a townships. the owner, john, notices that 90 percent of people just want their drains cleaned. he also notices that there are companies out there that just market and solicit this very specific service of drain cleaning directly to consumers. John and his family want to get in this market. however they feel that if they were to market a drain cleaning service they would be more successful than a plumbing service that also cleans drains... instead of dissolving his LLC/EIN number/Tax ID bla bla bla that has been around for 30 years, he wants to register a DBA.

    Penn Drain Cleaners (doing business as Johnn Plumbing Service)

    has a ring to it right!!

    im more concerned with the legalities of this? anybody have experience with this?

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