Amazon is rolling out Alexa inside the Amazon App for iPhones

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    Amazon is bringing its intelligent personal assistant Alexa to the iPhone right inside of the Amazon app.

    There will be a microphone icon near the top of the screen Inside the Amazon App for iOS.

    You can press that microphone icon to call up Alexa. You’ll be able to ask the assistant almost anything you’d normally be able to ask through a device like the amazon Echo.

    i-e You can ask it to make purchases for you, look up facts, or control smart home products.

    But still there is a major difference between Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa. Since Siri is built-in with the operating system we can talk to siri without opening any app, but for speaking with Amazon Alexa, we have to open the Amazon App first.

    Amazon says this new feature begins rolling out today and should be available to all US users by next week.

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