After a year off getting back to work in marketing

Discussion in 'Self Improvement and Being Successful' started by Mktg74, Jun 7, 2018.

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    Due to medical issues and because of a lawsuit I had to deal with regarding a bad builder and our new home, I have taken over a year and a half off of work from being a marketing manager. I was really a generalist who did website content, social media, trade shows, print and digital advertising, SEO, etc. We didn't do as much digital as we did print. We didn't use Salesforce and HubSpot/Pardot, etc. which a lot of companies use now and I didn't need to have graphic design experience which it appears a lot of companies now require in addition to all this other marketing knowledge.

    What do I need to do to get back in the game? How do I beef up my skills? Please be specific vs. general. Any ideas on what/where classes I can/should take? How can I learn Salesforce and HubSpot for example and not have a license. I'd like to know how to use it prior to starting a new job. What do I tell HR about why I was out for so long?
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    Just to get started, since you're doing social media anyway, is to take Faceook's free online course:
    It shows you what you can do with the platform and you can get certified when you're done with the course. Another wya to learn is to enroll into Hootsuite's ambassador program, which offers training in social media marketing.

    To get a Hubspot license, you have to take their certification course:

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