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Discussion in 'Legal and HR' started by izhang, Mar 12, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    Whether you are a lawyer, know something about the legal system, or even students in this field, let me know if you are interested in working with this new startup platform that I have created. It essentially allows users who have legal questions to get instant access to a lawyer on the go. Oh yeah, you also get paid an amount you can determine.

    We are planning to include text, voice and video chat, as well as a mobile application in the future. If this seems like something that you are interested in, feel free to PM me to discuss this more. Also if you have like 2 minutes, take this survey for us, it would greatly help in whether we should continue working towards this new platform or not. Please PM me for the survey link!

    Furthermore we have a question regarding the "qualifications" that allow us to say this lawyer is a credible one. Is there public documentations of credited lawyers and things similar to that?

    Thank You!

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