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    ******* To ensure that a business organization functions in a proper manner, it is highly essential to have a record of the financial transactions of the organization. This is what called as book keeping and Business bookkeeping helps the company to acquire techniques useful for company's value. Proper records are required for a company to prosper well, so a company should have a proper department whether for this purpose on-line or off-line. The department doing this work should be well organized and should be swift and good in managing the company's data. It is one of the most vital departments of a good company. There are two types of bookkeeping. One is the manual thing and the other is the computerized version of it. The method to be followed depends on the size of the company. If the company is small, then manual option can be done but for a mid-size or a large company computerized option should be preferred.
    Nowadays a lot of companies are using the on-line department as well for maintaining their financial records. It can be done for any sort of transaction. The main reason for using the services by an expert firm is to earn good revenues and profits for the company. The person performing the accounting functions or the remote bookkeeper in case of on-line bookkeeping brings the financial and other records to the trial balance stage where from the accountant may prepare the balance sheet or the income statement. The bookkeeping systems are of two types: the single entry and the double entry system. The single entry system is as simple as that of the cashbook. These days single entry type can be done with the help of the DIY software in order to speed up manual calculations.
    In normal functioning of the course of the business invoice, deposit slips for lodgement to the bank and cheques are generated. Accounting for these has to be done and is done by recording for the source documents for these multi-columns journals. After a certain period that is a month the amount in the different columns is totaled to give a summary for the period. The process of transferring summaries or individual transactions to the ledger is known as posting. This whole process of business bookkeeping can be done on-line too using a web-based application. All entries made on-line are recorded and stored in a remote location. Thus can be accessed from anywhere around the world.
    Summarizing, if done properly, whether on-line or off-line, bookkeeping generates all around prosperity and income for the company doing so and also brings the company to a managed and stable place.

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